AROUND MILAN: discovering the Bande Nere/ Inganni neighborhood
29 March 2023 - Insights

AROUND MILAN: discovering the Bande Nere/ Inganni neighborhood

A quiet and multicultural residential neighborhood, well connected to the center of Milan, where streets are named after flowers and steeped in historical significance, between family-run shops and spaces catering to the local Jewish community.

Located in the southwest area of Milan, the Bande Nere / Inganni neighborhood is an ideal residential area for those seeking a tranquil and green environment while still being able to easily access the attractions of the city centre, which are just a short metro ride away.

It is a multicultural and inclusive neighborhood that boasts a rich cultural and recreational offer. In addition, it is well equipped with many services such as schools, supermarkets, and care facilities.

History and fun facts

The Bande Nere / Inganni neighborhood gets its name from the Bande Nere metro station on the MM1 line, which was opened in 1986. However, the neighborhood has a much longer history, connected to that of Milan and its urban development.

Originally, this area was dominated by fields and agricultural lands, with some farmhouses scattered throughout. With the onset of industrialization and urbanization of the city in the 20th century, it gradually evolved into a residential neighborhood.

The term "Bande Nere" refers to the soldiers of Giovanni delle Bande Nere, a renowned Italian condottiero of the 16th century. Giovanni was the son of Caterina Sforza and a member of the powerful Medici family, and he’s considered one of the last great Italian captains of fortune. His troops were called "Bande Nere" because of the black mourning band they wore to honor the death of Pope Leo X, who was Giovanni's uncle.

What to see

Close to the Bande Nere Square is the Jewish Quarter of Milan, with synagogues, community centers, Jewish schools, and kosher restaurants dotting the area. It is a fascinating place to visit, especially during the Jewish New Year and the Hanukkah holiday.

Hidden among the residential buildings to the north of the square lies the little church of Molinazzo, an ancient oratory that originally was part of a farmhouse probably founded by the Templars in the Middle Ages.

There is also a curious corner where streets are named after flowers and surrounded by row houses: it is the Village of Flowers, a council housing project established at the end of World War II to provide shelter for refugees displaced by air raids. It is located near Lorenteggio and will soon become an outdoor art gallery thanks to the realization of 38 large Olympic-themed murals in anticipation of the Milan-Cortina 2026 Winter Olympics.

The Bande Nere / Inganni neighborhood also offers many green spaces, including the Alberto Moravia Garden, which is dedicated to the renowned writer and features an array of valuable tree species, such as the Atlas cedar. Additionally, just a short distance away, is the Parco delle Cave in Baggio, a picturesque urban park that boasts artificial basins and urban vegetable gardens.

Take note of these addresses

The Bande Nere/Inganni neighborhood is a place rich in history and tradition, as evidenced by the many businesses that define its identity. Examples include Pasticceria Romeo, one of the oldest and most renowned pastry shops in Milan,

and Enoteca Simone, which has been selling top-quality wines for over half a century.

Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia is a historic establishment in the neighborhood, having opened its doors in 1962. Over the years, the restaurant has undergone various transformations and has been awarded two Michelin stars.

For those seeking kosher cuisine in Milan, a top recommendation is Kosher Paradise, a delightful store that offers a wide range of products in strict adherence to Jewish dietary laws. Another must-visit establishment is Tuv Taam, where you can sample the finest challah bread in town.

Finally, in the heart of Via Rembrandt lies a magical space known as the Condominium Library. Open to everyone, both residents and external visitors, this library offers a place to gather and share the love reading. Established in 2013, the Condominium Library was the first of its kind to be established in Milan.


The Bande Nere / Inganni area is well connected to the heart of Milan, offering easy access via the MM1 metro line (Bande Nere, Inganni, Gambara, and Primaticcio stops). This metro line provides a convenient 15-minute journey to Piazza Duomo. Additionally, the future arrival of the MM4 line at Piazza Frattini will offer a direct connection to Milan Linate airport. Moreover, the area is served by several bus lines, including routes 58, 63, 67, and 98.

The neighborhood is also strategically located near the West Ring Road, providing easy access to major highways such as the A8 to the Lakes region and the A4 connecting Turin and Trieste.

The real estate market in the Bande Nere / Inganni neighborhood

The neighborhood boasts a typical post-World War II urban design, featuring medium-sized apartment buildings, row houses, and large green spaces, making it an attractive choice for those searching for the ideal home.

Over the years, it has seen the construction of numerous infrastructure, such as schools, shopping centers, and sports facilities, which have contributed to making it a lively and well-served area. Finally, there are also prestigious properties, mainly concentrated in the Jewish Quarter.